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Nick Osadchuk

Age: 33

Hometown: Steamboat Springs, CO

Wins: 0

Races: 10

Mens World Ranking 2019/2020: 42nd

Mens World Championship 2019/2020: 45th

Competing Since: 2018

Instagram: @nick_oz_co


When did you learn to skate?

-My mom took me ice skating when we lived in Alaska at 22 months old. Only to then move to Arizona and not get back on the ice until I was 6. I was probably 4 or 5 when I learned to rollerblade after a few raspberries on the knees and hips.

Did you play hockey growing up?

-I started playing roller hockey at 6, then ice hockey at 7. Now I play in the NHL (Night Hockey League).

What other sports did you play growing up?

-Lacrosse, Wake Boarding, Snowboarding (SBX), Golf

If you could do anything non-athletic in your spare time, what is it?

-Go hunting. Well, the athletic part depends on what you're hunting.

Describe going down an IceCross track for the first time:

-Pure nostalgia. It brought me back to rollerblading around the city with buddies when I was younger. A pure thrill. Even though I crashed on my first run, I came to the finish smiling.

What first got you interested in the sport?
-Checking off a bucket list item.

If there is one piece of advice that you could offer new riders, what would it be?
-Give it your all, bend your knees & hope for the best!

Who is your favorite sports athlete?

- Pat Tillman (PT-42)

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