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Maxwell Dunne

Age: 31

Hometown: Burnsville, MN

Wins: 2

Races: 34

Mens World Ranking 2019/2020: 5th

Mens World Championship 2019/2020: IR

Competing Since: Afton Alps 2015

Instagram: @maxwelldunne


When did you learn to skate?

-When I was 5.

Did you play hockey growing up?

-Yes, through high school.


What other sports did you play growing up?

-Track, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Snowboard, Skateboard


If you could do anything non-athletic in your spare time, what is it?

-I’m pretty much always up and moving around but, I like to play guitar in my spare time.

Describe going down an IceCross track for the first time:

-It was an incredible rush and I was hooked after the first run.

What first got you interested in the sport?
-I always considered myself a fast skater and love adrenaline, so when the sport cam to St. Paul I had to try it. However, I was competing in Track and Field through college and didn’t start Ice cross until I was finished with that.  

If there is one piece of advice that you could offer new riders, what would it be?
-Take everything in like a sponge. Watch and listen to the experienced riders.

Who is your favorite sports athlete?

-Ashton Eaton, Olympic Gold medalist and world record holder in the Decathlon

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